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ID Badge Media Selection

Standard PVC Media

Select this option if your badge is going to be placed in an ID badge holder, or wallet, and does not need to last more than a year or two when worn as a badge. If the ID badge is swiped in badge readers, standard PVC images will wear off, and will fade much faster when exposed to sun light.

Laminated Composite PVC (DURAbadge)

eXpress badging believes in DURAbadge so strongly, we'll guarantee your ID badge for 2 years from the date we process your order! If it cracks, breaks, fades, or show surface wear. We will replace it for free!

Click Here to Review Our DURABadge Warranty

Adhesive PVC Badge Stock

Adhesive card stock is a great resource to get extra life out of returned and functional RFID proximity photo ID badges. IF you have a supply of clam-shell proximity cards, the adhesive stock will turn them into photo ID badges as well. Make sure you specify CR-79 stock (slightly smaller) as they are much easier to apply that ones that are exactly the same size as the primary CR-80 card.

Laminated Teslin ID Badges

This option is for the select few that are looking for odd sizes like key fobs or over-size credentials. Please contact an eXpress badging specialist for details and pricing. The industry standard order to ship time is 12 business days from your approved proof/design date.