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ID Card Design & Photo ID Badges

Investing in an ID badge system is a large purchase that many companies are not ready to make. Let eXpress badging help you with ID card design and custom name badge creation. All you need to do is provide us with the basics, including company name, logo and preferred color palette. Your personal design consultant will help design ID badges for you and only print them when you approve the proof. The eXpress badging team has been in the badge industry over 20 years, giving us the experience to help accomplish your ID badge project. We offer several design packages based on elaborate or simple color palettes, along with badge quantity. Every company has a different security system, requiring either magnetic strips, RFID or bar codes. We are experienced in every badge security technology. Need custom ID cards sooner than later? We print badges quickly for immediate distribution to your personnel.

We know ID design and badge issuance may be a one-time job or you may require an ongoing relationship with a badge designer. eXpress badging is experienced in working with both customers; just contact us with your ID card design questions or to get started with a custom designed ID badge.

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Custom Design ID Badge Service Custom ID Design Service

Our Price: $160.00
Template Design ID Badge Service Template ID Badge Design Service

If you're looking to have your ID badge custom designed using your provided artwork and design text that is integrated into one of eXpress badging's many design templates select this option.

Our Price: $85.00