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Your data is what we use print your ID badge order. It is important that you read this section to understand that the data provided for each badge order request is what is printed on your badge without any edits or additions. Make sure you have easy access to your approved proof as a reference, and only use the spreadsheet provided after proof approval to insure your badges are printed correctly every time.

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Data Entry

All data must be supplied in a spreadsheet provided by eXpress badging after proof approval. If you can not locate your spreadsheet, please email and we will resend. Your badge is populated with the exact data you send without any manipulation so please double check prior to sending. DO NOT add any columns to your approved spreadsheet; as any data entered will not be used.

Examples of fields to be sent include but not limited to:

  • First_name
  • Last_name
  • Professional_Credential
  • Title
  • Department
  • Location_Name
  • Expiration_Date
  • Photo_Name
Badge Data Tips
  1. Card holder information will be printed as submitted so double check it. Carefully proofread all data information and spelling for accuracy before submission.

  2. Please confirm before sending, middle initials, any prefix or suffix such as: Dr.,Credentials, I, II, III, Jr., Sr. If they are provided, they will be printed "as is".

  3. Check upper lower case formatting for consistency. Upper lower case is easiest read for recognition purposes.

  4. If a spelling or formatting conflict arises between the Excel data and the photo file name, the Excel data is used as the default.

  5. We use a best fit feature for most designs, so if a data element is unusually long, it will print in a small enough font to fit; abbreviations are recommended in the case where font size should stay the same.

  6. Abbreviated Titles, Departments or other cardholder data, will be printed "as is".

  7. Do not submit additional columns of data to the spread sheet; we will only merge and print the columns placed on your approved proof. If new badge data is needed, a new proof is required; additional proof charges will apply.

  8. If your data is in “last name”, “comma” “first name” format, please reformat to be “first name” “Space” “last name”, or place in individual cells in the spreadsheet file.

  9. Please read our Prepaid and Batch Badging Terms and Conditions for additional information.
RFID Read and Post Service

When RFID cards are placed in the badge printer you do not know who will be assigned the unique badge number until after it is printed. eXpress badging offers a service to capture the Unique ID (UID) off of the card during production, and will provide an electronic export of provided data along with the captured RFID UID. It can then be imported into other data collection systems (attendance, door access, single sign on...) that need to enable each badge eliminating the need to manually look up each record in each system and enrolling badges one at at time.