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How to Make an ID Badge Order Via Mail

Once your ID badge request has been emailed, your ID badges will be processed and mailed, or shipped, within three business days as a general rule. It is very important to make sure if you have a "must have by date" to let us know within your badge request email. It is always a good idea to also let us know a week or so in advance if you can.

Expedited shipping is not covered, so please provide your USP number and state your preferred shipping terms (next day, 2 day...) when ever needed.

Send your ID badge request email to:

Mail and Ship Processing Timeline
  • Once you email your badge request to, you will received an auto-response acknowledgement. If you do not please call us 800-909-8602.

  • We have a 4 business day guarantee for Prepaid Badging customers from the date we receive your email submittal.

    • 4 Day Guarantee - If your Prepaid Badging order is not in the mail within 4 business days from date of receipt as defined below, we will not use badge credits up to a value of $100 per incident.

    • For example; any Prepaid Badging order that is received anytime on Monday, is guaranteed to be in the mail on Thursday. Most are in the mail on Wednesday, or 3 business days.

    • For Batch Badging and Quick Card orders, we still strive to meet the same time lines; however the guarantee does not apply.

  • Premium Prepaid Badging Shipping Terms:
    • USPS Priority Mail postage is included (tracking number provided upon request)
    • Priority Production Processing - Orders are mailed within 3 business days after email receipt; Guaranteed! (typically shipped next day and in hands 3-4 business days after clicking send)

  • First Class U.S Postal Service is used for badge orders of 30 or less and UPS ground for 31 or more; unless otherwise specified in your ID project terms.

  • We recommend factoring a 5 to 7 business day lead time for badges from the date of email to the time received in-hand.

  • All ID badge orders are mailed/shipped to the "Ship To" address stated on your confirming sales order.
    • If shipping to multiple locations, only customer approved locations will be used.
    • Change of "Ship To" address can only be authorized by a known customer point of contact; otherwise, eXpress badging will require formal approval.

  • For emergency issues, please call to confirm expedited timeline. If Priority Overnight mail is requested please provide the billing account number for expedited shipping.

Sort, Bundle and Ship

For projects that require multiple ship locations and/or sort per a define sort order, eXpress badging offers an additional Sort, Bundle and Ship service and breaks up your badge print job for easy distribution as defined below:

  • A Packing Slip is generated and printed per sort order bundle listing all names.

  • A sort field must be defined in your spread sheet (Department, Location etc) and populated. Each sort order criteria (department name, location name etc) must be exactly identical for proper sorting. We ask that you review your data thoroughly prior to sending.

  • Badges are quality checked, verified against the list, rubber banded and placed in a 9" x 12" clear bag with packing list visible for hand out.

  • For multiple location shipments, bundles are boxed per ship to location provided

  • Does not include shipping charges, see separate line on your order for shipping terms

  • Unit quantity is an estimate and will be invoiced per bundle count.