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Introducing a new concept in identification resource management: the Veonics Portal™, a web-based software solution that leverages the power of the Cloud and your mobile devices for secured ID issuance and verification. Our Veonics Portal™ Hosted Software Portal allows you to enter data, capture photos, and manage photo ID badge printing. eXpress badging use the Veonics Portal™ to manage internal contract badging services orders, and offers hosted solutions for both on-premises printing of identification badges and the industry's first commercially available virtual ID system where the badge is published on the holder's mobile device or even a published URL.

Identity management done correctly is a complex process. There is more to it than just entering some data, capturing a photo, and printing a badge. Veonics' solutions are designed to manage and simplify these complexities. The illustration below highlights the components behind the Veonics Portal™ and its revolutionary new products and services.

Hosted IDaaS (ID as a Service)

The Veonics Portal™ is your complete identity record management and enrollment system. There is no need to install local IDMS software and the version management required to keep it current. You can create new identity records in three ways: manually enter data, import data, or automate the process by using our Veonics Credential Database, which is securely populated by your source database.

Likewise, photos can be published with any of four methods: live capture, manual upload from saved files, upload from the Veonics Credential Data Base™, or with the Veonics CELLfie™ photo email request and capture tool. Access to the Veonics Portal™ is customer controlled and managed.



The Veonics vID Designer™ is a resource that enables you to virtualize photo ID badges and allows the customization of identity badges with features that include:

  • CUSTOM DESIGNS: Data element controls and attributes like compound fields, standard font management, auto reduce, colors and logical displays.
  • SECURED PHOTOS: Photocontrol, Chroma-key, ghosting, watermarks, thumbnails, and image element adjustments.
  • MULTI DESIGNS: Image/Graphics controls so you can place logos and graphics to include data logic to enable the image to display or not display.
  • COLOR CODING: Rectangle and ellipse placement with color fill, color matching and off/oof logic controls.
  • BARCODES: Barcode generator for most commonly used barcodes; code 39, 25, Codabar, and QR-Code for tracking.


It's about time. Photo ID badges can now be displayed on smart devices. This allows immediate issuance and use of a Veonics Virtual ID™ (vID™) on a mobile phone or device until the actual physical badge is printed remotely and delivered. If a physical badge is not needed at all, the vID™ can be used exclusively. One fewer ID card or badge to carry! The vID™ from Veonics is published with a special barcode that will let anyone who scans it determine whether or not the ID badge is still active. Now that’s secure!

Once the Veonics vID™ is published, a hyperlink is emailed to the individual who then bookmarks it on a mobile phone, tablet or PC browser for use as his or her virtual ID, or vID™. Upon deactivation through the Veonics Portal™, a Veonics vID™ badge cannot be displayed at all, or is displayed as "Inactive." Physical badges created with the Veonics vID Designer™ have a special barcode printed on the front or back of the card, which, when scanned using any common barcode scanner application on a mobile device, connects to the Veonics vID Viewer™. The corresponding Veonics Virtual vID™ is displayed on the scanning device with its active or inactive status.


For many, the publishing of photos for use in their badging solution can be a challenge. Veonics makes it easier with the mobile-optimized Veonics CELLfie™ feature.
Through the CELLfie™ hyperlink, sent in an email, the user is directed to the Veonics Portal™ and is instructed to take or upload a photo. For security, the hyperlink can only be used once and is then rendered useless. Once the photo is uploaded by the user and saved, the administrator will verify, crop and approve the photo for publication.
Each Veonics CELLfie™ email template is customer configurable to meet specific needs and preferences.


The Veonics Mobile Track™ can retrieve a Veonics Virtual ID™ for verification on a mobile device or computer and display it a publisher called the vID Viewer™. Mobile Track™ will soon have the ability to record “in and out transactions” for use in any number of time and attendance applications including timekeeping, classroom attendance and at special events.