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You Print: Fargo Badge Card Stock

UltraCard Card Stock for ID Cards: Each UltraCard provides a polished, scratch and debris-reduced, high-quality video imaging surface and are packaged in dust-free plastic bags. Only UltraCard brand cards are recommended for use with Fargo ID card printers, though all models of digital ID card printers can use these cards.

stock is made of 100% PVC material and provides an adequate level of durability that may vary depending on application and environmental uses.

UltraCard III
offers the highest durability with the addition of a 40% polyester core which is a requirement for use in most PVC card printers that are equipped with a lamination station. It is the polyester that will deter this card from cracking...for years in most practical applications. With the addition of the 1 mil overlaminate on the sides that require protection from image wear and fade, will allow the UltraCard III to with stand most application and envionmental variables even longer.