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Badge Hole Punch

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Hand-Held Slot Punch

Free Hand Sloting

Our Price: $55.00
Hand-Held Slot Punch With Centering Guide Hand-Held Slot Punch With Centering Guide

Slot Centering Tool

Our Price: $79.00
Stapler-Style Slot Punch With Centering Guide

Minimal Effort

Our Price: $73.00
Table-Top Slot Punch With Centering Guide

Professional and Easy to Use

Suggested Retail: $217.00

Badge Hole Punch

At eXpress badging we offer a wide range of accessories for your ID badge system to more efficiently create ID cards. Our ID supplies allow for the highest productivity on busy badge creation days. The tabletop slot punches and ID card punch will form consistent holes in each badge for lanyard attachments and badge reel clips. A lower volume customer may prefer the handheld, heavy duty slot punch that also can be used to punch laminated documents, business cards and other thick objects. Invest in a card laminator to seal ID badges, keeping the card safe from regular wear and tear, ensuring the longest card life possible.

Employee photo badges require consistent photos, a matching color background and lighting levels across the entire organization. Photo backdrops are held by a sturdy stand or may be pinned to a wall; these backdrops can be placed almost anywhere to create an instant badge station with consistent results. Creating your company’s badges in house has never been easier or looked better with eXpress badging’s ID supplies.