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eXpress badging has over 20 years’ experience producing custom ID cards online, name tags and employee badges with your specs, design and technology. Since 1993 we’ve helped receptionists, HR, security and IT teams accomplish their ID badging goals quickly and accurately. If you are not ready or unable to invest in a complete photo ID system to accomplish card printing in-house, eXpress badging is here and ready to help. We are experts in custom card printing and you will find a full line of today’s technology options to choose from.

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Why eXpress badging?

The secret to our success in an industry brimming with fly-by-night ID printing shops is our focus on your design and needs. Every ID card printing job begins with a phone consultation with one of our expert representatives to understand your required specs, design and technology. Customize your photo ID badges with your choice of card media stock, RFID, proxy, magnetic stripe and barcode options. Before we complete the job a custom ID card proof is conveniently mailed to you for sign off so you know exactly what you will be receiving.

eXpress badging understands some customers require a one-time batch while others need an ongoing ID badge service partner. Our ID card printing services are designed with those two clients in mind:

  • Batch Badging is designed so you can process a batch of photo ID badges in a single run to either quickly issue badges for the first time or for a re-badge project due to re-branding or ID card technology changes.
  • Prepaid Badging is designed so you can continue using our outsourced photo ID service for ongoing issuance; even if you only need one badge at a time. You just buy Prepaid Badging credits and request ID badges until you need to order more.

To learn more about each step of the photo ID badge service check out the Specifications, Design, Technology, Photos & Data, and Custom Printed Stock categories or fill out an Info Request Form Here.

eXpress badging also has a complete line of identity production systems so you can print your own ID cards and badges in-house.

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